Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Arts
A A 
Bachelor's Degree in Art History and Archeology (2018)

Type A Code Competences Specific
  A1 Create a map showing material, historical and artistic production from Antiquity to the present day.
  A2 Apply the methodology used in the history of art and archaeology to the analysis of objects of art.
  A3 Use advanced knowledge of museology and museography to create projects and itineraries for the management of artistic and archaeological heritage.
  A4 Understand the theoretical foundations of Digital Humanities and manage the principal technological media applied to historical, artistic and archaeological heritage.
  A5 Analyse, interpret and compare the archaeological, historical and artistic heritage of an area with Archaeology and History of Art in general.
  A6 Analyse and interpret the different languages, procedures and artistic techniques.
  A7 Apply interdisciplinarity to human sciences.
  A8 Use, organise and interpret historical sources.
  A9 Apply the teaching of History, Archaeology and History of Art to the execution projects, reports and dossiers.
Type B Code Competences Transversal
  CT1 Use information in a foreign language effectively.
  CT2 Managing information and knowledge through the efficient use of IT.
  CT3 Solve problems critically, creatively and innovatively in their field.
  CT4 Work autonomously and as part of a team with responsibility and initiative.
  CT5 Communicate information clearly and precisely to a variety of audiences.
  CT6 Manage their learning process and their academic and professional careers.
  CT7 Apply ethical principles and social responsibility as a citizen and a professional.
Type C Code Competences Nuclear
  C1 Have an intermediate mastery of a foreign language, preferably English
  C2 Be advanced users of the information and communication technologies
  C3 Be able to manage information and knowledge
  C4 Be able to express themselves correctly both orally and in writing in one of the two official languages of the URV
  C5 Be committed to ethics and social responsibility as citizens and professionals
  C6 Be able to define and develop their academic and professional project

Clarifications about competencies model

El model de competències de la URV s’ha actualitzat. El nou model consta de les competències específiques pròpies de cada titulació i les competències transversals comunes a totes les titulacions de la URV (que substitueixen les antigues transversals i nuclears).

En aquesta pàgina es veuen les competències específiques i transversals vigents en aquesta titulació. Tot i que també estan llistades les competències nuclears, aquestes no tenen vigència perquè estan integrades dins de les competències transversals.