Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Arts
A A 
Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution (Erasmus Mundus) (2012)

TypeA Code Competences Specific
  AC1 To evaluate the updated information in the different fields of research.
  AC2 Have analytical decision capability.
  AC3 To perform technical analysis protocols.
  AC4 To evaluate fossil remains and decide on preventive archaeological interventions.
  AC5 Plan the archeological exploration and excavation intervention.
  AC6 To lead archaeological interventions.
  AC7 To train yourself in the treatment and registration of data.
  AC8 To evaluate and decide on conservation and restoration.
  AC9 To plan research projects.
  AC10 To organize research teams.
  AC11 To have research capacity, generation of paradigm and demonstration.
  AC12 To plan social and didactic dissemination projects.
TypeB Code Competences Transversal
  BC1 Learning to learn
  BC2 Effective solutions to complex problems
  BC3 Critical, logical and creative thinking, and an ability to innovate
  BC4 Autonomy, responsibility and initiative
  BC5 Teamwork, collaboration and sharing of responsibility
  BC6 Clear and effective communication of information, ideas, problems and solutions in public or a specific technical field
  BC7 Sensitivity to environmental issues
  BC8 Management of complex technical or professional projects
TypeC Code Competences Nuclear
  CC1 Have an intermediate mastery of a foreign language, preferably English
  CC2 Be advanced users of the information and communication technologies
  CC3 Be able to manage information and knowledge
  CC4 Be able to express themselves correctly both orally and in writing in one of the two official languages of the URV
  CC5 Be committed to ethics and social responsibility as citizens and professionals
  CC6 Be able to define and develop their academic and professional project