Rovira y Virgili
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Faculty of Economics and Business
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Economics (2001)
   Fonts d'informació
Basic Blas Herrera Gómez, Geometría para Arquitectura e Ingenierías, Ed. Blas Herrera, Tarragona, 2006

Complementary Eugenio Hernández, Álgebra y Geometría, Ed. Addison-Wesley, Wilmington, 1994
J.D. Foley, A. Van Dam, S. Feiner, J. Hughes, Computers Graphics, principles and practice, Ed. Addison-Wesley, Reading, 1990
M.P. do Carmo, Diferential Geometry of curves and surfaces, Ed. Prentice-Hall, New Yersey, 1976
D.F. Rogers, J.A. Adams, Mathematical elements for computers graphics, Ed. McGraw-Hill, Boston, 1990