Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Business and Economics
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Bachelor's Degree in Finances and Accounting
Topic Sub-topic
UNIT 1. The International Financial Environment
1.1 An Introduction to International Finance
1.2 International Monetary Market
1.3 Foreign Exchange Markets (FOREX)
1.4 Eurocurrency Markets
1.5 International Arbitrage and the International Parity Conditions
1.6 Simulation: FOREX

UNIT 2. Foreign Exchange Risk Management
2.1 Currency Derivatives
2.2 Managing Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk: transaction, operating and translation exposures
2.3 Hedging Currency Risks

UNIT 3. International Investment and Global Financing
3.1 International Investment and Global Financing
3.2 Strategic Entry into International Markets
3.3 Country Risk Management

UNIT 4. Other Relevant Topics 4.1 Financial and Currency Crises in Open Economies. Influence on Balance of Payments
4.2 Foreign Investment Analysis
4.3 International Financial Reporting and Governance