Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Economics and Business
A A 
Degree of Business Administration and Management (2009)
   Learning outcomes
Type A Code Learning outcomes
 A1 Students can assess the situation of an economy, and understand how it works and what effects economic policies have.
Students understand macroeconomic aggregates and their implications for the economy.
Students can explain the macroeconomic effects of fiscal and monetary policies.
Type B Code Learning outcomes
 B4 Do the work planned in accordance with the quality criteria provided.
Decide how to manage and organize work and time.
Decide how to do a particular job so that it is of the highest quality possible.
Decide what needs to be done for a particular job/project and do it according to schedule.
Type C Code Learning outcomes
 C1 Understand routine information and articles.
Recollir en apunts part de la informaciĆ³ que s'imparteix en una classe
 C3 Locate and access information effectively and efficiently.
 C4 Produce well-structured, clear and rich written texts