Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Business and Economics
A A 
Bachelor's Degree in Economics (2009)
   Learning outcomes
Type A Code Learning outcomes
 A1 Identify and predict significant economic problems in relation to market power and strategic interaction.
 A2 Master the analytical, graphic and logical tools for understanding business rationality and interaction between companies in a given economic context with certain rules.
 A5 Understand the rationality of companies when they interact in different contexts and can analyze the role of public financial institutions.
Type B Code Learning outcomes
 B2 Follow a logical method to identify the causes of a problem and not merely accept the symptoms.
Draw up strategies to solve problems.
Find appropriate solutions.
Transfer classroom exercises and the cases they have studied to real situations in other environments.
Type C Code Learning outcomes
 C4 Produce oral texts that are appropriate to the communicative situation.
Produce well-structured, clear and rich written texts