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Faculty of Business and Economics
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International Markets (2016)

Type A Code Competences Specific
  A1 Analyse the international markets through advanced techniques and approach which allow facilitating important information to international companies and/or companies willing internationalisation.
  A2 Develop professional abilities (leadership, negotiation, communication, etc.) which enable the student to perform tasks of coordinating teams in companies, institutions and public organisations or non-profit organisations operating within the international area.
  A3 To train the student to elaborate strategic plans of international expansion for companies.
  A4 Prepare sector reports and design innovation strategies which facilitate the insertion and/or improvement of the positioning (upgrading) of the company in global value chains.
  A5 Develop management skills and technical knowledge to manage the complexity of the reality of the international company in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  A6 Evaluate the impact of the international institutional framework, especially the one of the European Union, and the derived policies and which affect the area in which the company or public institution carries out its activity.
  A7 Evaluate potential threats and opportunities for public institutions at the local and regional levels of processes linked to economic globalization.
  A8 Use advanced quantitative techniques to develop a research project within the international markets framework (research speciality).
  A9 Analyse innovative and relevant aspects of the new theoretical contributions in the field of international economics which allow to develop a research work in accordance with the challenges facing this academic discipline (research speciality).
  A10 Plan and organise the transfer and publication of the results of research projects (research speciality).
  A11 Train the student to participate in multidisciplinary, international and intercultural groups of advanced research (research speciality).
Type B Code Competences Transversal
  CT1 Manage and communicate complex information, within variety of topics, in a foreign language effectively.
  CT2 Make judgements on the basis of the efficient management and use of information.
  CT3 Solve complex problems critically, creatively and innovatively in multidisciplinary contexts.
  CT4 Work in multidisciplinary teams and complex contexts.
  CT5 Communicate complex ideas effectively to all sorts of audiences.
  CT6 Develop skills to manage career development.
  CT7 Apply ethical and socially responsible principles as a citizen and a professional.
  CT8 Develop sufficient independence to work on research projects and scientific and technological ventures within their discipline.
Type C Code Competences Nuclear
  C1 Have an intermediate mastery of a foreign language, preferably English
  C2 Be advanced users of the information and communication technologies
  C3 Be able to manage information and knowledge
  C4 Be able to express themselves correctly both orally and in writing in one of the two official languages of the URV
  C5 Be committed to ethics and social responsibility as citizens and professionals
  C6 Be able to define and develop their academic and professional project

Clarifications about competencies model

The competences model of the URV has been updated. The new model consists of the specific competences inherent to each degree, and the transversal competences, common to all degrees of the URV (which substitute the previous transversal and nuclear competences).

The current specific and transversal competences of this degree can be seen on this page. Even though the nuclear competences are also listed, these no longer apply, as they are integrated within the transversal competences.