Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Business and Economics
A A 
Double degree in Business Administration and Management and Law (2014)
   Learning outcomes
Type A Code Learning outcomes
 DRET-A2 Genèric
 DRET-A11 Genèric
Type B Code Learning outcomes
 DRET-B1 Genèric
 DRET-B4 Genèric
 DRET-B5 Genèric
 DRET-B6 Genèric
Type C Code Learning outcomes
 C2 Understand basic computer hardware.
Understand the operating system as a hardware manager and the software as a working tool.
 C4 Produce grammatically correct oral texts.
Produce well structured, clear and effective oral texts.
Produce grammatically correct written texts
Produce well-structured, clear and rich written texts
 C6 Identify their training needs.
Identify their own academic and professional interests and motivations.