Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Business and Economics
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Double degree in Business Administration and Management and Law (2014)
Topic Sub-topic
1. Quadratic forms 1.1 Quadratic forms
1.2 Classification of quadratic forms
2. Functions of several variables 2.1 Continuous functions
2.2 Partial derivatives
2.3 Partial elasticities
3. Optimization without constraints 3.1 Description of the problem
3.2 Optimality conditions
4. Optimization with equality constraints 4.1 Description of the problem
4.2 Optimality conditions
4.3 Sensibility analysis
5. Optimization with inequality constraints 5.1 Description of the problem. Graphic interpretation
5.2 Linear programming: simplex algorithm
5.3 Sensibility analysis
6. Sequences and series of real numbers 6.1 Sequences of real numbers
6.2 Series of real numbers
6.3 Geometric series