Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
School of Engineering
A A 
Bachelor's Degree in Electronic and Automation Engineering (2010)
Type A Code Competences Specific
Type B Code Competences Transversal
 B3 Be able to solve problems with initiative, make decisions, be creative, use critical reasoning and communicate and transmit knowledge, abilities and skills in the field of industrial engineering, specialising in electricity.
 B5 Be able to analyse and evaluate the social and environmental impact of technical solutions.
 B6 Be able to apply the principles and methods of quality.
 B8 Be able to work in a multilingual and multidisciplinary environment.
Type C Code Competences Nuclear
 C1 Have an intermediate mastery of a foreign language, preferably English
 C2 Be advanced users of the information and communication technologies
 C3 Be able to manage information and knowledge
 C5 Be committed to ethics and social responsibility as citizens and professionals
 C6 Be able to define and develop their academic and professional project