Rovira y Virgili
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Faculty of Oenology
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Bachelor's Degree in Oenology (2014)
Methodologies Competences Description Weight        
IT-based practicals in computer rooms
Students, with the help of the professor, have to solve problems about several course contents. The practical exercises will be assessed.
Short-answer objective tests
Individual final exam of synthetic type. The only material allowed to be used will be the following: a scientific calculator, statistical tables and a form with a maximum of 3 sheets. 50%
Other comments and second call

In the second call students can choose between two types of exam of different difficulty. In both cases it is a final individual examination of a synthetic nature where you can only take and consult the following material: scientific calculator, statistical tables and a form of a maximum of 3 sheets. The internship note is saved if it is higher than 5 (in this case, the internship mark and the exam note weigh 50% each). If the practical note is less than 5 this note is not saved and the exam weighs 100%. Given the different difficulty between the two types of final exam, the final grade of the 2nd call will be a maximum of 10 with one type of exam and a maximum of 5 with the other type of exam.

During the evaluation tests, mobile phones, tablets and other devices that are not expressly authorized for the test, must be off and out of sight.

The demonstrable fraudulent realization of some evaluation activity of a subject both in material and virtual and electronic support entails the student's suspense note of this evaluation activity. Regardless of this, given the seriousness of the events, the center may propose the initiation of a disciplinary file, which will be opened by resolution of the rector.