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Bachelor's Degree in Oenology (2014)
Methodologies Competences Description Weight        
Laboratory practicals
S'avaluarà la preparació d'aquestes així com l'execució al laboratori (idoneïtat del material emprat, preguntes i implicació, sentit crític, temps emprat) i la llibreta de laboratori. 27'5% de la nota final (el treball realitzat al laboratori, juntament amb la llibreta i els informes de pràctiques, comptaran un 55% de la nota de pràctiques)
S'avaluarà el lliurament de treballs a través de la plataforma Moodle, en fons i forma 15% de la nota final
Problem solving, exercises
S'avaluarà la resolució dels problemes plantejats a l'aula i realitzats de forma autònoma. 15% de la nota final
Extended-answer tests
Avaluació dels conceptes teòrics i de la resolució de problemes pràctics, tots ells relacionats amb les pràctiques del laboratori 22’5% de la nota final (aquest examen compta un 45% de la nota de pràctiques)
Mixed tests
Avaluació dels conceptes teòrics abordats a les classes magistrals així com dels petits càlculs treballats a les mateixes classes 20% de la nota final
Other comments and second call

The evaluation of the subject pivots on two axes, which are theoretical and practical content, about 50%. The course introduces a problem to be solved wine key chemical analysis and presented orally to their fellow students. The rest of the course is aimed at solving this problem, using the proper tools for each situation. The course ends remaking this initial work but incorporating the knowledge gained.

To evaluate learning different strategies are used (online tasks and tests test mainly) throughout the year. It is important to note that the score of checks carried out in class must be higher than 4 to be able to average with other tests during the evaluation process continues. In this link you will find the tools used during 2014-15 to make this assessment.

For the second round will be a test on the theoretical and the other on the practical content of the course. Must have at least proven track it (evidence of participation in Mooodle and delivery of 50% of the work). Must have obtained a minimum score of 3.5 on the theory and another on the practice to make average.

During the evaluation tests, mobile phones, tablets and other devices that are not expressly authorized by the test, must be turned off and out of sight.

The realization of any fraudulent activity demonstratively evaluation of any subject material support as both virtual and electronic leads the student grade suspense of this activity assessment. Regardless of this, the seriousness of the facts, the center may propose the initiation of disciplinary proceedings, which will be initiated by decision of the rector.

EVALUATION OF POWER IS INTEGRATED COURSE. The degree of achievement will affect the status of any work or tests in a variable percentage depending on their type and indicated in each case before (via Moodle). Since the 2014-15 academic year will be special emphasis on skills assessment B6 and C4.