Rovira y Virgili
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Faculty of Oenology
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Bachelor's Degree in Oenology (2014)
   Learning outcomes
Type A Code Learning outcomes
 A10 Disposar dels coneixements necessaris per a descriure un vi en públic
• Conèixer orígens i evolució de l'enologia i viticultura en diferents civilitzacions amb un aspecte crític.
Type B Code Learning outcomes
 CT5 Use the techniques of non-verbal communication and the expressive resources of the voice to make a good oral presentation. (Non-verbal communication and use of the voice)
Construct a discourse that is structured, clear, cohesive, rich and of the appropriate length. (Discourse construction)
Produce a discourse that is appropriate to the communicative situation, consistent and persuasive, and interact effectively with the audience. (Efficiency)
Type C Code Learning outcomes