Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Oenology
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Bachelor's Degree in Oenology (2014)
Topic Sub-topic
Module 0: Introduction and early entrepreneurial experiences -Course presentation
-First inputs on entrepreneurship and innovation
-Real experiences of entrepreneurial projects
Module 1: Teamwork and people management -Key theoretical aspects
-Workshop: Team building
Module 2: Creativity and innovation -Creativity: contextualization, the generation and validation of ideas, definition of the project to be developed
-Innovation: Idea vs. innovation, prototyping.
Module 3: Story telling -From the idea to the first million euros
-Story telling our project
Module 4: More entrepreneurial experiences –The presentation of experiences
-Debate with entrepreneurs
Module 5: Communication tools -The first sales pitch
-Techniques for improving the pitch
-Workshop: Project pitch elevator
Module 6: Sales and marketing strategies -Value proposition
-Commercial strategy
-CRM culture
Module 7: Financial fundamentals -Financial statements and financial cycles
-Financing and the valuation of entrepreneurial projects
Module 8: Legal aspects -Legal forms of a business
-Taxation and legal obligations
-Patents and trademarks
-Data protection