Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Oenology
A A 
Bachelor's Degree in Oenology (2014)
Type A Code Competences Specific
 A2 Apply basic molecular, cellular and metabolic knowledge to microorganisms and plants
 A3 Use quality criteria and knowledge of edaphology, climatology and viniculture to monitor raw material production in accordance with the regulations
 A4 Participate in programming and designing new wine-production facilities or modifying existing ones
 A5 Participate in innovation wine-producing programmes
 A6 Monitor the transformation of grapes into wine whilst taking into account the type of product desired, the national and international regulations and the hygiene regulations and by applying knowledge of oenological practices and wine treatments
 A7 Manage and lead all of the activities regarding quality control in a wine company
 A8 Manage a wine company using sustainability criteria
 A9 Find solutions to specific problems relating to wine production by analysing and interpreting results
 A10 Integrate historical, geographic, social and health aspects into the ambit of oenology and wine production
 A11 Design a marketing plan in the field of wine production
 A12 Produce different types of sparkling wines and other fermented drinks
Type B Code Competences Transversal
 CT1 Use information in a foreign language effectively.
 CT2 Managing information and knowledge through the efficient use of IT.
 CT3 Solve problems critically, creatively and innovatively in their field.
 CT4 Work autonomously and as part of a team with responsibility and initiative.
 CT5 Communicate information clearly and precisely to a variety of audiences.
 CT5 Communicate information clearly and precisely to a variety of audiences.
Type C Code Competences Nuclear