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Oenology (2010)
Methodologies   ::  Guia de metodologies docents
Introductory activities In theory classes it will be present the scientific and practical foundation for understanding the papers than the students must submit in the second part of the following class. The first lecture will not require the active participation of the students.
Lecture From the second class will be proposed to the students the following dynamic: 40 minutes will be occupied by the teacher to lecture the basics of the bibliography presented by students in the second part of the next class. 25 min for the presentation of scientific paper by students, 15 minutes for questions by the audience, 25 minutes to present a second paper by students, and 15 minutes for questions by the auditorium.
Presentations / expositions All questions and answers formulated during the student question times will be summarized by the presenter students and hung in the course website.
ICT practicals The students in charge of presentations should complement their answer in the website with internet data bases.
Assignments Presentation of a bibliographic review of a topic in microbial wine biotechnology. This tutored work consists in the oral defence of a written manuscript.
Personal tuition