Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
School of Chemical Engineering
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Nanoscience, Materials and Processes: Chemical Technology at the Frontier
Topic Sub-topic
Topic 1. From Molecular chemistry to supramolecular chemistry. Non-covalent interactions.
Topic 2. Stochiometry and binding constant. Measurement by NMR. Other methods. Aggregation and transport. Es
Topic 3. Complementarity, induced effect, alosterism, cooperativity. The receptors and molecular transporters. The dynamic process: kinetic versus thermodynamic.
Topic 4. Molecular recognition of cations. Crown ether, criptands, ciclofanes and others. Chiral recognition.
Topic 5. Molecular recognition of anions. Receptors based on ion-pairing and hydrogen bonding.
Topic 6. molecular recognition of biomolecules (I): amino acids, peptides and proteins. Ligand-proteins and protein-protein interactions. (II) Nitrogene-based bases: nucleotides and nucleic acids. DNA-ligand interactions.
Topic 7. Self-assembly and self-organization.
Topic 8. Self-assembly in synthetic systems.
Topic 9. Self-assembly and hierarchy. Capsules.
Topic 10. Molecular machines.