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School of Chemical Engineering
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Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Energy (2016)
Topic Sub-topic
Present Use of energy Definition of primary sources of energy
Recognise several kinds of energy: Chemical, Solar, Nuclear, Electrical power
Energy density
Comparison of energy contents with some food products
Petroleum and other fossil fuels Petroleum qualities
Products derived from petroleum: The refinery.
Refinery of products from recent photosynthesis : Biorefinery
Useful statistics of energy daily energy consumption
Hidden Energy uses
Potential future renewable energy
Personal ways to decreas energy consumption

Energy technologies different than fossil. Relevance in a future Energy mix Waves, Tides and Ocean Thermal.
Conventional geothermal, deep geothermal.
Sugars to ethanol
Energy efficiency
Solar PV
Solar Thermal
Advanced Biofuels
Synthetic photosynthesis
Nuclear, Fision and Fusion