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Energy Conversion Systems and Technologies (2019)
Topic Sub-topic
1. Introduction: Definitions, basic concepts and technologies.
1.1. Definitions on energy, cogeneration, trigeneration and polygeneration
1.2. Description of technologies for cogeneration, trigeneration and polygeneration.
1.3. Configurations of energy polygeneration systems
2. Energy, economic and environmental analysis of polygeneration systems 2.1. Definition and calculation of energy indicators.
2.2. Definition and calculation of economic indicators.
2.3. Definition and calculation of environmental indicators.
3. Sizing of polygeneration systems. 3.1. Characterization and analysis of energy demands.
3.2. Sizing and analysis of energy supply systems using polygeneration.
4. Recovery of waste heat and integration of renewables. 4.1. Description and calculation of systems for the recovery of waste heat.
4.2. Integration of renewables.
5. Heat and cold storage systems. 5.1. Description and classification of heat storage technologies
5.2. Dsign of heat and cold storage systems
6. Polygeneration systems based on biomass 6.1. Biogas and biogas generation technologies
6.2. Description and analysis of polygeneration systems based on biogas
6.3. Biomass gasification
6.4. Description and analysis of polygeneration systems based on biomass gasification
7. Production of desalinated water 7.1. Technologies for water desalination
7.2. Description and analysis of polygeneration configurations for water desalination
8. Energy management and optimization of polygeneration systems 8.1. Energy optimization methods
8.2. Study of cases