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School of Chemical Engineering
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Energy Conversion Systems and Technologies (2019)
Introductory activities Activities aimed at taking contact and collecting information from students and presenting the subject through one of the web conferences.
Webconferencing Presentation of contents of the subject, presentation of activities, resolution of problems and doubts through web conference. This activity requires a synchronous presence of students and teachers. This activity will be recorded at the time of its development in order to make it available to students in the virtual classroom and facilitate their subsequent consultation.
Reading written documents and graphs Reading and working of documentation selected or prepared by the teaching staff, with the aim of facilitating the development of the competences of a more theoretical nature and the knowledge necessary for the development of practical activities.
Webcasting Presentation of some contents of the subject in video format previously recorded. This activity does not require a synchronous presence of students and teachers.
Self-monitoring activities Proposed activities that help the student to self-regulate their learning. Usually they will be a self-tracking test or short questions.
Problem solving, exercises Resolution by the students and with the help of the teacher of selected problems and exercises.
Forums of debate Students argue, confront ideas or raise doubts about a specific topic proposed by the teacher or the students themselves, through the use of asynchronous tools such as the Virtual Campus forum.
Practical cases/ case studies Approach to an open case study in which the student must work to provide a solution using the knowledge acquired during the course.
Personal attention Resolution of doubts of theory and arising from the resolution of problems and exercises.