Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Escola Tècnica Superior d`Enginyeria Química
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Enginyeria Ambiental (2006)
   Learning aims
Objectives Competences
1. List and describe the fundaments of the different membrane processes.
2. Determine the membrane technology to use according the species to be separated.
3. Differentiate between industrial membrane processes and bench scale membrane processes.
4. Establish the suitable range of operating conditions for every process and separation problem.
5. Select the right material and membrane structure according to the involved compounds.
6. Connect the type of module with the application and membrane material.
7. Evaluate the flux of water and solute through a membrane from transport equations.
8. Get membrane characteristics from experimental data.
9. Foresee the influence of concentration polarisation, fouling or ageing on membrane performance.