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Escola Tècnica Superior d`Enginyeria Química
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Enginyeria Ambiental (2006)
Tema Subtema
PART I Laws of conservation:
Systems, infinitesimal volumes of control and elements. Hypothesis of continuity. Sources, wells and chemical reaction.

Constituent equations:
Newton’s Law of viscosity, Fourier’s Law and Fick’s Law. Differential heat and matter balances in static systems. Differentials heat and matter and angular momentum balances in systems of flux of fluids. Determination of temperature profiles, concentration and speed in conventional systems of simple geometry.

PART II Design of an excellent equipment in the fields of the new technologies from the first principles treated in the first part of the subject. The students will be able to choose "case study" of the scope of the bioengineering, environmental engineering and engineering of the materials. Also other fields related to mini-systems of flow, or without chemical reaction will be able to be considered.