Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Economics and Business
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Graduate in Finances and Accounting
Topic Sub-topic
Chapter 1. Empirical evidence • Economic cycles
• Economic growth
• Inflation and deflation
Chapter 2. Measuring an economy • The circular flow diagram
• GDP (real and nominal)
• Unemployment
Chapter 3. Aggregate supply and demand • Short-run and long-run aggregate supply
• Aggregate demand (AD): components and slope
• Equilibrium
Chapter 4. The market for goods • Components of AD and explanatory variables
• Fiscal policy: public deficit, multiplier, crowding-out effect
Chapter 5. The financial market • Money
• Monetary market, monetary multiplier
• Monetary policy: instruments, objectives
Chapter 6. Open economy • Capital flows and balance of payments
• Exchange rate
• Exchange rate policy