Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Economics and Business
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Graduate in Finances and Accounting
Topic Sub-topic
Introduction 1. Purpose and Use of Economic Statistics.
2. Basic Concepts in Statistics.
3. Economic data.
Summary and Description of Data 1. Frequency distributions.
2. Grouped data and Histograms.
3. Graphical methods.
4. Parameters and Statistics.
5. Measures of central tendency.
6. Measures of non-central tendency (Quantiles).
7. Measures of dispersion.
8. Asymmetry and Skewness.
9. Measures of concentration.
Bivariate Distributions 1. Marginal and conditional distributions.
2. Covariance and correlation.
3. Statistical independence.
Regression 1. Simple linear regression.
2. Least squares method.
3. Goodness of fit.
4. Forecasting.
Time series 1. Rates.
2. Index numbers.
3. Deflating.
Foundations of Probability