Rovira y Virgili
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Faculty of Economy and Business
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Grau d'Administració i Direcció d'Empreses
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PART I. Competitive markets
1. Competitive Markets: demand • Incentives and Exchange
• Market demand,
• The law of demand and price elasticity of demand
2. Competitive Markets: supply and equilibrium • Market supply, production, factor prices and other factors
• The law of supply and price elasticity of supply
• Equilibrium and market forces
• Comparative static analysis
• Welfare analysis: consumer surplus, producer surplus and efficiency
3. Intervention in Competitive Markets • Price ceilings and minimum wages
• Taxes and subsidies
• Tax incidence

4. International Trade • Integration of a small market
• Integration of a large market
• Tariffs, import quotas, export subsidies
PART II. Market failures
5. Externalities, Public Goods and Incomplete Information • Externalities: a problem for markets
• Solutions
• The problem of providing public goods through markets
• Solutions to the insufficient private provision of public goods
• The lack of information: a problem for markets
• Solutions
6. Market Power • Imperfect competition
• Monopoly
• Solutions