Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Economics and Business
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Degree of Business Administration and Management (2009)
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PART I. Competitive markets
1. Competitive Markets: demand
• Incentives and Exchange
• Market demand,
• The law of demand and price elasticity of demand
2. Competitive Markets: supply and equilibrium • Market supply, production, factor prices and other factors
• The law of supply and price elasticity of supply
• Equilibrium and market forces
• Comparative static analysis
• Welfare analysis: consumer surplus, producer surplus and efficiency
3. Intervention in Competitive Markets
• Price ceilings and minimum wages
• Taxes and subsidies
• Tax incidence
4. International Trade • Integration of a small market
• Integration of a large market
• Tariffs, import quotas, export subsidies
5. Externalities, Public Goods and Incomplete Information • Externalities: a problem for markets
• Solutions
• The problem of providing public goods through markets
• Solutions to the insufficient private provision of public goods
• The lack of information: a problem for markets
• Solutions
6. És positiva la globalització econòmica?
7. El problema de les externalitats
8. El problema dels béns públics
9. El problema de la informació incompleta
10. Hi ha sempre competència als mercats?