Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Economics and Business
A A 
Degree of Business Administration and Management (2009)
   Learning outcomes
Type A Code Learning outcomes
 A1 Students can use instruments for analyzing the economic structure of a territory.
Students understand the various activities, institutions and agents present in the Spanish economy.
Students understand the most common documentary sources for analysing economic activity.
Students can use and combine information from various documentary sources, extract the essential content and write synthetic reports on sectors or regions.
Type B Code Learning outcomes
 B6 Draft documents with the appropriate format, content, structure, language accuracy and register, and illustrate concepts using the appropriate conventions: formats, titles, footnotes, captions, etc.
Type C Code Learning outcomes
 C3 Locate and access information effectively and efficiently.
 C4 Produce well-structured, clear and rich written texts