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Educational guide 
School of Chemical Engineering
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Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Energy (2016)
Topic Sub-topic
1. Introduction..
2. Energy: kinds and units.
3. Global Energy Consumption.
4. Personal inventory of used energy.
5. Alternatives to energy sources currently used.
6. Energy products from traditional photosynthesis. a. Fossil fuels.b. Cultures and bio-refineries.c. Agriculture and forestry by-products.d. Energy from industrial and municipal waste.e. Liquid fuels for transportation.
7. Energy products from artificial photosynthesis. a. CO2Capture and conversion. b. Hydrogen Production.
8. Energy from the sea a. waves b. Tides
9. Geothermal Energy. a. Earth and temperatures b. Types of geothermal resources c. How Geothermal Works and systems
10. Energy from the wind a. Introduction and fundamentals b. Turbines c. Installation and impact
11. Energy from the sun a. Introduction: the sun b. Thermal (low, medium and high temperatures) c. Photovoltaic solar cells and systems d. Applications
12. Energy storage a. Mechanical storage systems b. Electrochemical storage systems c. Chemical energy systems d. Electrical storage systems e. Thermal storage systems