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De Moodle Wiki

To gain access to the Moodle platform please use the user name and the institutional password, the same that you use to check your e-mail or to gain acces to the Intranet. The username is generally the your ID number (i.e. NIE, DNI, Passport)

The initial password (the one you have been given at first) is your birthday date, in the following format dd-MMM-aa (for example, 02-MAI-78) where, dd: is de day of your birthday; MMM: is the three capitals characters that identify the month (in catalan). These three characters are from january to december: GEN, FEB, MAR, ABR, MAI, JUN, JUL, AGO, SET, OCT, NOV or DES; aa: is the year.

In most cases your login data will have been informed per e-mail.

For security reasons we strongly recomend changing the initial password. You can do it at your profile page once logged in.

For username or password issues please go to URV's identity manager URV Gestor d'identitat de la URV