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To gain access to Virtual Campus go to: You will have to use the institutional user name and password.

The username is generally the your ID number (i.e. NIE, DNI, Passport)

The initial password (the one you have been given at first) is your birthday date, in the following format dd-MMM-aa (for example, 02-MAI-78) where, dd: is de day of your birthday; MMM: is the three capitals characters that identify the month (in catalan). These three characters are from january to december: GEN, FEB, MAR, ABR, MAI, JUN, JUL, AGO, SET, OCT, NOV or DES; aa: is the year.

For security reasons we strongly recomend changing the initial password.

How do I change or recover my password?

Antu preferences-desktop-user-password.svg.png

Usernames and passwords at the Rovira i Virgili University are managed outside the Virtual Campus (Moodle).

In order to solve issues related to your username or password please go to URV's identity manager URV.

You can also visit the FAQs page of the URV's Digital Servicies.

In case that you need further help on recovering your password you can fill the following help form. Digital servicies will contact you as soon as possible.