Rovira y Virgili
Educational guide 
Faculty of Economics and Business
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Degree of Business Administration and Management (Terres de l'Ebre) (2009)
Topic Sub-topic
Unit 1. International Markets and the Law: an introduction
1.1. International transactions
1.2. Operators in international transactions
1.3. The new Lex mercatoria
1.4. Definition and sources
1.5. Enforcement institutions
1.6. Conflict resolution. International Arbitration

Unit 2. Market operators 2.1. Definition
2.2. Multinational enterprises and Groups of companies
2.3. International business organizations: SEs, SCEs
2.4. Kinds of enterprise collaboration: EEA, Joint ventures, etc.

Unit 3. Market operations 3.1. Electronic Commerce
3.2. Contracts subject to terms and conditions
3.3. International sales contracts
3.4. Collaboration and distribution contracts
3.5. Finance contracts
3.6. Transport and logistics contracts

Unit 4. Market rules. Freedom of competition 4.1. European Competition Law
A. Collusive Practices
B. Abuse of dominant position
C. Mergers
D. State Aid
4.2. Freedom of competition at the international level
4.3. Enforcement Institutions
4.4. Disciplinary System

Unit 5. Intellectual Property Law
5.1. Intellectual Property
5.2. The international protection of patents and trademarks
5.3. International licenses

Unit 6. Negotiable and financial instruments
6.1. International Finance
6.2. International payment methods: Negotiable instruments
6.3. Documentary credit
6.4. Bank Guarantees and Standby letters of credit
6.5. Other instruments

Unit 7. Employment Law in the European Union
7.1. The free movement of workers
7.2. The European employment strategy
7.3. The EU Directives on restructuring and on on equal treatment in employment
7.4. The treatment of labour immigration within EU
7.5. The social partners at EU level: information, consultation and negotiation about employment rules

Unit 8. Employment Law in the international rules
8.1. Principles and rules of the International Labour Organization and employment of migrant workers
8.2. The regulations of the United Nations and the Council of Europe about employment
8.3. The international instruments signed by Spain in employment and immigration
8.4. Trade unions in the international level: goals and actions in employment and immigration